For Managers ONLY

If you are a manager, you’re probably a Choleric. You don’t read things unless there’s a reason in it for you. If you want to utilize the people you manage efficiently, save money for your company, and have a happy, motivated staff - YOU NEED TO KNOW THE PERSONALITY TYPES OF EACH OF YOUR EMPLOYEES.

  1. If you need a project to get done on time and within budget - hire a Choleric. They can see the big picture & are constantly thinking what needs to be done next & by whom. They aren’t shy about directing traffic, firing the sub-contractor & hiring a new one, finding & working the best deals to accomplish the goals of the project. Don’t be surprised if folks get their toes stepped on along the way. It’s just part of doing business.

    Choleric motivation: money, power, status symbols. Show me the money! Forget the plaques, the accolade in the monthly newsletter, and the birthday card - I want a fatter check, a corner office, a fancier title or a primo company parking space. I saved you money - give me a taste!

  2. For fundraising, sales, company functions, media relations, and public speaking - hire a Sanguine. They are outgoing, friendly, stylish, will represent your company well, love to schmooz & attend parties & lunches, they love to talk on the phone and are usually great at remembering client’s birthdays, names of spouses & kids.

    Sanguine motivations: public recognition, cards, thoughtful gifts. Using these saves the company money and satisfies your employee better than a raise would - to a point, of course!

  3. If you need creative ideas, writing & teaching skills, insight, answers to the question ‘why’, and public speaking - hire a Melancholy. They are thorough readers & researchers, intuitive, sensitive to how others are feeling, and are great public performers & speakers. They are people oriented - not time oriented and are often late - but always for a good reason. They help people in crisis and are effective peacemakers in the workplace. They are highly intelligent, perfectionists, and often quietly in thought.

    Melancholy motivations: quality time, specific compliments, recognition from peers (not civilians). It is much more effective to take this employee to lunch than to give them a raise. Regular, specific compliments work wonders!

  4. For computer issues, accounting, and other detail oriented jobs - hire a Phlegmatic. They are the unsung heroes of every company. It is YOUR responsibility that it doesn’t happen in your company. If you want a job done correctly the 1st time, a phlegmatic will spend a bit of time analyzing the task but the finished product will usually exceed your expectations. They are highly intelligent, analytical, perfectionists, uncomplaining, creative, and effective. Yet they are the most difficult to understand. They’re usually quiet and you almost never know what they’re thinking until it’s too late. “Hurry up!” is something you may as well not scream at them. Criticism & beatings create chaos in their brains and NEVER produce the desired results. Yes, it’s frustrating trying to have a conversation with them - we’re from different planets. It’s preferable to have a go-between - an interpreter, if you will. Life will be so much easier for both of you!

    Phlegmatic motivation: Vindication, appreciation for unique contributions, public accolades, and private kudos. A flexible work schedule and dress requirements are of much more value than a piddly raise, award, office with windows or a grand title. Phlegmatics would rather plow snow at night, solve computer problems or accounting dilemmas into the wee hours than show up for a morning staff meeting. They don’t need much babysitting and rarely bother you with petty problems - they find a solution on their own.