Personality Types

Which of the 4 basic personality types best describes YOU?

  • CHOLERIC - Boss
  • SANGUINE - Social Butterfly
  • MELANCHOLY - Thinker
  • PHLEGMATIC - Invisible

These personality types are often called “The 4 Temperaments”. Most of us have a blend of traits from more than one personality type but usually one temperament is more dominant - especially when we’re young. Hopefully, the older we become, the more well-rounded we will grow.

  • CHOLERIC (boss)
  • Strengths: strong-willed, determined, independent, optimistic, practical, productive, decisive, leader, confident

    Weaknesses: angry, cruel, sarcastic, domineering, inconsiderate, proud, self-sufficient, unemotional, crafty

    Motto: “Lead, follow, or get out of my way!”

    This is the typical Type ‘A’ personality. The person is goal & time oriented and is usually in ‘left brain’. Crying, either in self or others, is a sign of weakness & must be quashed. When listening to others (a rarity), cholerics want you to get to the point! Everything else is tuned out.

    Occupations: leaders, producers, builders

  • SANGUINE (social butterfly)
  • Strengths: talkative, out-going, enthusiastic, warm, personable, friendly, compassionate, carefree

    Weaknesses: weak-willed, unstable, undisciplined, restless, undependable, egocentric, loud, exaggerates, fearful

    In a word - DRAMA! But if you want to know the latest gossip - ask this person. Sanguines love parties; they have never met a stranger; they seem to get along with everyone; and they usually brighten everyone’s day!

    Occupations: actors, salesmen, speakers, lawyers

  • MELANCHOLY (thinker)
  • Strengths: gifted, analytical, sensitive, perfectionist, aesthetic, totalistic, loyal, self-sacrificing

    Weaknesses: self-centered, moody, negative, theoretical, impractical, unsociable, critical, revengeful, rigid

    Likes being alone or in one-on-one communication. Crowds are usually intimidating unless they are speaking or performing.

    Occupations: artists, musicians, inventors, philosophers, professors

  • PHLEGMATIC (invisible)
  • Strengths: calm, easy-going, dependable, efficient, conservative, practical, leader, diplomat, humorous, analytical

    Weaknesses: stingy, fearful, indecisive, spectator, self-protective, selfish, unmotivated

    Motto: Less is more.

    These people are usually not seen. If, by chance, someone notices them, they come across as the often lazy, perhaps bumbling, absent-minded professor types. However, phlegmatics are usually VERY intelligent - they just don’t let anyone know what they’re thinking.

    If a choleric wants a tedious task done right the 1st time, get a phlegmatic. They are perfectionists! They will analyze the situation for hours but in the end, they’re worth their weight in GOLD!

    Occupations: diplomats, accountants, teachers, technicians