familyAs a family counselor, I see many hurting people, and hear stories that haunt my mind and stir my thoughts to find answers that will open the doors of opportunity for healing. By the grace of God, I do see people who are healed of old emotional wounds, and find their way to a place of safety for themselves and their families.

One subject that is seldom addressed in healing wounds from childhood is the area of prenatal influences. Science now understands that a baby is affected from its earliest moments by the mother, and what she is experiencing. The Bible, and the writings of Ellen White, also uphold these findings. In this website, we will explore the ways of healing past emotional wounds, including prenatal, which will set people free to accept the love of Jesus, family members, and others, and promote emotional maturity.

Here is one quick story to whet your appetite.

girlA friend of mine was frequently troubled with thoughts of death, and sought my counsel to see if we could find a solution which would give her relief from these disturbing emotions. We tried various avenues, but nothing helped. Finally I said to her, “Is there any possibility that your mother ever considered abortion during her pregnancy with you?” “I don’t know, she replied, but I will find out.”

To make a long story short, she did ask her mother, and the answer was, “Yes.” We took the matter to Jesus in prayer, and she was able to receive God’s healing grace in place of her fears, and the thoughts of death disappeared.

This website will be dedicated to sharing concepts and stories which will encourage each of us in our journey toward healed relationships and spiritual maturity. Watch for more in the days ahead!

Yours for happy families and vibrant Christian lives,